We build custom-made stainless steel and glass pools and spas, both for indoors and outdoors: gardens, terraces and penthouses. More than 30 years of experience designing, building and installing swimming pools.

Piscinas para terrazas


Weight is a determining factor when installing a pool on a terrace or in an attic. Stainless steel offers the ideal lightness for these installations.

Piscinas para interiores


To avoid inconvenience for our clients during construction, all our stainless steel pools are built in our facilities and then shipped.

Piscinas para jardín


We design all of our stainless steel pools to fit into our customers' gardens. Pools that enhance spaces and give them elegance.


The infinity pools offer not only the freshness and tranquility of the water that any type of pool provides, but also incorporates an unlimited visual effect. They create luxurious spaces.


The lightness and flexibility of acrylic methacrylate make it the ideal material for creating unique, attractive swimming pools with personalized designs, especially for attics, terraces and rooftops.

Piscinas de vidrio


Glass pools offer the possibility of uniting the interior with the exterior of the pool. This material offers great possibilities to create elegant and integrated spaces.


Custom prefabricated pools and spas with mosaic coating that fuse durability and captivating aesthetics. Mosaics with countless colors and designs.

Piscinas portables


We build stainless steel pools in our facilities, thus minimizing the impact and duration of the work in our clients' homes.


Stainless steel public pools are ideal for hotels and gyms, offering a welcoming and relaxing environment. They provide the luxury and elegance that customers desire, being a key differentiating element.

Piscinas a medida


With only 5 square meters you can have a personalized pool or spa in your home, garden, penthouse or terrace. We customize each pool to fit each space.

Piscinas acero inoxidable


The lightness of stainless steel allows you to create pools and spas of any shape and size, without compromising durability or strength. The quality of the materials we use is unbeatable and they require less maintenance than other similar pools.

piscina acrílica con iluminación led de varios colores

Acrylic infinity pools.
The latest trend in swimming pools!

Methacrylate infinity pools are a true visual delight and a showcase of modern engineering. These architectural marvels combine elegance and functionality to offer an incomparable swimming and relaxation experience.

Methacrylate, also known as acrylic glass, is a durable, transparent material that has become increasingly popular in swimming pool construction. Its resistance to ultraviolet rays and its ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature make it an ideal choice for outdoor pools.

One of the most outstanding features of overflowing methacrylate pools is their invisible edge. The water flows seamlessly over the edges of the pool, creating a stunning visual effect of continuity between the pool and its surroundings. This not only provides a stylish aesthetic look but also serves a functional purpose. Constant overflow of water helps maintain water quality and cleanliness by removing debris and unwanted chemicals from the pool’s surface.

In addition to the overflow edge, methacrylate also allows the creation of transparent walls in the pool. Imagine diving into the water and having the sensation of floating in the air, surrounded by a fascinating underwater world. The methacrylate walls provide a panoramic view, allowing swimmers and visitors to enjoy breathtaking views while immersing themselves in the crystal clear waters.

Overflowing methacrylate pools are especially popular in places with panoramic views, such as seaside resorts, luxury hotels, and private estates. They allow guests and owners to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them, whether it be an ocean, a mountainous landscape or a vibrant urban skyline.

Building an infinity acrylic pool requires a meticulous approach and careful planning. It is essential to have expert professionals in the installation of this type of pool, since the methacrylate must be precisely cut and molded to achieve the desired edges and guarantee a safe and resistant structure.

Water filtration and circulation technology is also a crucial aspect in overflowing methacrylate pools. Advanced systems are used to ensure that the water is kept clean and disinfected at all times. Filtration equipment and water treatment systems must be designed to adapt to the specific characteristics of each pool and guarantee a safe and healthy bathing experience.

In short, overflowing infinity methacrylate pools are an example of beauty and sophistication in pool architecture. Their elegant design and ability to blend in with their surroundings make them a stunning focal point in any space. Whether for swimming, relaxing or simply enjoying the view, these pools offer a unique experience that combines aesthetic beauty with exceptional functionality.