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Our innovative product line includes custom prefabricated pools and spas, fusing the strength of stainless steel with the captivating aesthetics of mosaic. From urban terraces to private gardens, our customizable solutions offer luxury, durability and cutting-edge design. Immerse yourself in the excellence of LuxoSpas and transform your aquatic environment into a sanctuary of well-being and sophistication. Discover perfection in every detail, discover LuxoSpas!

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Custom Prefabricated Pools and Spas with Mosaic coating

At LuxoSpas, we are excited to introduce our latest advancement: a line of custom prefabricated pools and spas with mosaic coating. Thanks to our experience in stainless steel pools and spas, we have developed a revolutionary manufacturing system that fuses stainless steel with ceramic, creating a custom prefabricated pool. This pool is made of stainless steel, to which all the ceramic pieces are adhered using an exclusive chemical composition developed and tested by LuxoSpas. This process not only provides stunning aesthetics, but also perfect tightness and optimal insulation. With a wide range of colors, finishes and textures available, each pool and spa can be customized to fit your specific preferences and needs.

Characteristics of swimming pools with mosaic coating

  • Ideal for Terraces and Penthouses: Thanks to the lightness of their stainless steel metal structure, our pools and spas are ideal for placing on terraces or attics.
  • Completely Customizable: All of our pools and spas are custom-made, which means that we can customize both the measurements and the finishes and mosaic colors according to your preferences. In addition, we offer options such as skimmer, overflow or with underwater window, as well as the possibility of adding a variety of accessories, such as blinds, waterfalls, hydromassage systems, countercurrent swims, among others.
  • Simplified Transportation and Installation: Our self-supporting design allows our prefabricated pools and spas to be transported and installed in one piece, saving manufacturing costs and avoiding hassles during construction. In addition, if the location is not accessible by autocrane, we also offer the option of assembling the pools in several pieces and assembling them on site, always maintaining the quality and tightness of the product..

Discover our exclusive tile styles

1. Luxos Gold:
Our collection of 24-karat pure gold mosaics is the ultimate expression of luxury and distinction. These gold mosaics allow you to create personalized and exclusive designs, adding a touch of unparalleled elegance to any space.

2. Luxos Porcelanic: With a wide variety of formats, finishes and colors, our collection of unglazed and fully vitrified technical porcelain is perfect for unifying different styles in a uniform and equitable way. Resistant to chemicals, impacts and stains, these mosaics guarantee exceptional durability and easy maintenance.

3. Luxos Stone: Natural stone is a noble material that brings a genuine Mediterranean air to any outdoor space. Weather resistant and easy to maintain, our natural stone options are available in a variety of authentically natural shades and classic or modern formats.

Luxos Gold

Infinite combinations of finishes and colors

Mosaic coating is also available in our Portable Pools

The portable pools and spas are completely finished and do not require a building permit.

These pools are like furniture, you buy it, place it and enjoy it.

Other types of pools for attics, terraces and rooftops

Our steel frame pools are ideal for terraces and attics where weight is a key factor. Apart from the mosaic finish, we also build glazed, acrylic and overflow pools for attics and terraces.


The infinity pools offer not only the freshness and tranquility of the water that any type of pool provides, but also incorporates an unlimited visual effect. Create luxurious spaces.


The lightness and flexibility of acrylic methacrylate make it the ideal material for creating unique, attractive swimming pools with personalized designs, especially for attics, terraces and rooftops.


With only 5 square meters of space you can already have a personalized pool or spa in your home, garden, attic or terrace. We customize each pool depending on each particular case.

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