In recent years, the popularity of clear glass-walled pools and spas, also known by its English name glass walled pool, has been increasing among our customers.

The transparency of the glass allows you to connect both worlds, inside and outside the water, and also enjoy the calming effects of the water from the outside.

Piscina ventana cristal
[Pool with glass window at the bottom]
piscina dos cristales para jardín
Garden pool with two glass sides
Piscina con lateral de cristal
[Pool with glass window on the side]
Piscina terrazas
[Glass pool for public spaces]
Piscina de cristal con iluminación
[Glass pool with various lighting options]

The transparent pool of your dreams

Glass is a very resistant material, but also very versatile, which makes it possible to build pools of different sizes and depths. The weight of the water falls on the support feet of the structure, hidden under the ground and, in fact, the base can be covered with the material that the client wishes (stainless steel, natural stone, tile, etc.).

Some of the properties to highlight of the glass for swimming pools are: resistance, impermeability, high durability, aesthetic and clean finish, resistance to chemical products. Let nothing stop you from making yourself the transparent glass pool you have always dreamed of. We look for solutions in all types of terrain and spaces that adapt to your case. Get a spectacular effect combined with different materials: stainless steel, wood, concrete.

Whether they are pools with four glass walls or with two or three walls combined with stainless steel, our glass pools and spas become an attractive window through which the sensation that the water is suspended in a vacuum is generated. and the effect of integration with the environment is spectacular.

The incredible thing about glass is that the resistance of this material is such that it is able to withstand despite the pressure exerted by the water towards the outside. In this way, it prevents the glass from breaking, which is why many families already choose pools of this style.

Another advantage of glass pools is that they do not require a special lighting system, but can use the same as any type of pool. Of course, the effect will be much more dazzling thanks to the transparency of the glass. The effect of a transparent bottom with the crystal clear pool water offers a unique feeling of comfort and cleanliness.

Contrary to what it may seem, glass is a highly resistant and rigid material. For this reason it is an excellent option if you want a transparent pool. Those yes, a qualified professional will have to make sure how to calculate the thickness of the glass and what are the steps to follow when setting up the pool.

Garden pool with two glass sides

As with stainless steel pools, the advantage of pools with transparent glass walls is that they are manufactured in-house. Next, they are moved to our client’s home, already finished and tested, so the construction work is much easier and less annoying.

If you are thinking about swimming pools with glass walls for your home, at Luxos Spas we can help you and offer you a solution specially designed for your needs.

If you want more information about our glass pools or want to ask us for a quote for the construction of a stainless steel pool or spa, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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