Pools for attics and terraces have become a highly demanded item in recent years. They manage to turn these spaces into relaxing and welcoming environments where everything makes sense. They acquire a leading role in people’s day-to-day lives, greatly improving their quality of life.

[Stainless steel pool with elevation installed on the terrace. Almeria. Project 2022]

[Stainless steel pool on a hotel terrace in Castelldefels, Barcelona. Project 2022]

[Glass and stainless steel pool in a penthouse in San Sebastián. Project 2021]

Small pools for terraces

All this (and more) is possible thanks to the fact that today it is very affordable to install small pools for terraces anywhere. Technological advances and the improvement of materials when building a swimming pool have been essential so that they have only moved away from exclusive environments. Currently we can say that a terrace pool at a very competitive price is already a reality.

Stainless steel is the material par excellence in this type of mini pools for terraces. Its aesthetic qualities, its high level of resistance, lightness, durability and aesthetics, make this material the most demanded to obtain a perfect finish anywhere. In fact, the light pools for terraces from Luxos Spas are, indisputably, the best option.

After carrying out a technical study to verify that the building supports the structure, we proceed to place a pool according to the space. Knowing the structure of the building is vital for the project to be a success and its durability over time is not affected. We have a professional, experienced team capable of creating elements that are quick to install in an attic or terrace, which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It really is worth it!

[Stainless steel infinity pool for terraces]

The extensive experience of Luxos Spas and the obsession with a job well done, makes us capable of carrying out a total customization of the needs of each client. Hundreds of satisfied customers endorse our work, as well as the excellent results of stainless steel pools and spas.

It is more than proven that this material is the one with the greatest durability, at the lowest cost, and is able to better withstand the most adverse weather conditions. In addition, the versatility of stainless steel as well as its aesthetic value allows combinations with any type of design and environment. This allows you to enjoy an exceptional setting in the pool that you decide to install for your attic or terrace.

[Swimming pool on the terrace of a penthouse in Lisbon. Project 2019]

[Pool on the terrace of a penthouse in Lisbon. Project 2019]

Small terraced pools

The lightness of stainless steel makes it a perfect material to adapt to any space. It is an ideal option for building this type of pool on small terraces, where weight is a determining factor. A stainless steel pool can be installed where other materials cannot, allowing in any case a greater amount of water.

The risk that is run when installing a pool in such a space is not only the possible loss of something as valuable as water, but also the possible damage to third parties that leaks or leaks of thousands of liters of water can cause. With our pools and spas, these risks are fully covered thanks precisely to the use of stainless steel (AISI 316L) and the advanced welding systems (TIG) that we use at Luxos Spas.

Normally, the mistake of not considering the load associated with the content and the container is made during the design of the building, which can lead to serious consequences. This will not happen with the Luxos Spas pools, as lightness is the main determining factor in stainless steel pools, providing greater investment security.

Added to the resistance and lightness of stainless steel is the fact that it is a very hygienic material that is perfect for swimming pools for terraces and attics since the formation of mold is much less, as is the incrustation of elements. Cleaning is therefore much easier than that of conventional pools.

On a technical level, when designing and building a pool, various factors come into play to take into account: weight, drainage system, access to the water tank or optimal waterproofing, among other aspects. It is for these reasons that Luxos Spas is the perfect choice as a pool company. Our experience, professionalism, passion for our work and the growing number of satisfied customers are the best guarantees we can offer.

Overflowing pool

A pool model that is in high demand today is the overflowing pool. It is a very particular style that gives a spectacular aesthetic aspect to landscaping in swimming pools for penthouses. In this sense, the line between the pool and the landscape in which it is located is blurred, which makes the space a very pleasant, relaxing and stress-free environment. Can you imagine coming home after a long working day and diving into an infinity pool? Also, if you install a heat pump or have a terrace with a closed window, you can extend the bathing season by a few weeks.

Do not wait more! The infinity pool installation will change your life completely.

Pools for penthouse terraces

The benefits of attic pools are unquestionable. On the one hand, it gives the opportunity to relax, considerably reducing the level of stress. Also, it allows you to perform certain types of exercises in the water without having to go to a public pool (aquagym type or strengthening the muscles with different movements).

In our wide range of pools for penthouse terraces you can choose the one that best suits your needs and we take care of giving it the perfect finish touch so that it becomes a unique place. The time has finally come to start enjoying life as it deserves. Today it is a reality to create an exclusive space in your home. It has ceased to be a luxury of a few to become an element that brings clear benefits to the day-to-day life of any person. Technological advances, the optimization of techniques and materials make it increasingly easier to take a bath in the jacuzzi of your own home.

The manufacture and assembly of our luxury swimming pools are done in our facilities, thus minimizing on-site work, and therefore the inconvenience that is normally associated with this type of installation work. Dirt, noise, invasion of privacy, etc., are no longer a problem with Luxos Spas.

The penthouse pool of your dreams

We want you to make your dreams come true and immerse yourself every day in the comfort of your home. Can you imagine coming home after a hard day at work and relaxing in your rooftop pool? We make it come true…

If you are looking for a pool company to request a highly competitive pool quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Types of pools for attics, terraces and rooftops


The infinity pools offer not only the freshness and tranquility of the water that any type of pool provides, but also incorporates an unlimited visual effect. Create luxurious spaces.


The lightness and flexibility of acrylic methacrylate make it the ideal material for creating unique, attractive swimming pools with personalized designs, especially for attics, terraces and rooftops.


With only 5 square meters of space you can already have a personalized pool or spa in your home, garden, attic or terrace. We customize each pool depending on each particular case.

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