Including a transparent side, wall or window in a pool is now a trend, and the best option on the market at the moment are acrylic pools.

Swimming pool construction techniques have evolved and now there is a better option than glass for creating swimming pools with transparent walls: the acrylic methacrylate panel.

At luxos spas we have been working with acrylic panels since they came on the market. We are pioneers in the construction of acrylic pools, having all the necessary machinery to create and customize the design of your acrylic pool. The entire process, from the conception of the personalized design to the completion of its construction, is carried out in our facilities.

Acrylic pool

Pools with acrylic panels give a lot of play when it comes to creating unique, attractive pools, with personalized designs that adapt to any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Depending on the location of the pool, whether in the garden, on the terrace or indoors, the use of acrylic panels on one or more of the faces of the pool shell, together with a prior study of the space and a personalized design, transform any space in a relaxing and aesthetically luxurious area.

One of the most spectacular designs in swimming pools are the so-called infinity pools, and by combining this overflowing effect with transparent acrylic sides, the best and most luxurious possible effect is obtained. These pools offer a visual effect that joins the horizon with the transparent and infinity end of the pool, producing a very surprising effect of opening to infinity.

[Infinity pool with 4-sided acrylic methacrylate panels and stainless steel corners. Madrid. Project of 2022.]

Advantages of acrylic pools

1) Flexibility

The water in a swimming pool presents a dynamic load. This means that when we swim in a pool, the water is moving and the water pressure comes and goes. When these pressure changes occur, it is necessary to include a flexible material in the pool that absorbs this dynamic load. For this, acrylic panels are ideal, given their high flexibility, which even allows molding with complete safety, both with concave and convex shapes.

2) Weight

When building a pool it is very important to take into account the weight of the materials used, especially if you want to build a pool in an attic, roof terrace or terrace. If we compare the pool glass with the acrylic panel, the latter weighs much less and is also more resistant. Also, with the same installation, the weight of the glass is 4 times greater than the weight of the acrylic panel, a factor to take into account!

3) Resistance

Acrylic panels won’t break or crack like glass and offer 11 times more impact resistance than glass. In fact, it is precisely the acrylic panel that is used in enclosures such as aquariums, since it is capable of withstanding high mechanical loads.

[Swimming pool with one acrylic face embedded between the walls of a terrace. Barcelona. Project of 2022.]

More advantages of acrylic pools

4) Layers

While the glass used in swimming pools is made up of several layers of glass joined together, the acrylic panel does not have layers, instead it is manufactured to fit with the desired thickness.

This means that, in the event that the glass receives an impact, since it is not flexible, one of its layers or sheets could break more easily.

In addition to the consequence that it would have on the safety of the pool, there is another drawback from an aesthetic point of view, and it is the following: when glass is used, for example in an infinity pool, the user can see all the layers, negatively affecting to the end result.

5) Repairs

What happens if a pool glass is scratched or worn? Unfortunately, glass is a very difficult material to polish, unlike acrylic panels, which polish easily even when placed in the pool.

6) Transparency

Many types of glass for swimming pools tend to give a light yellowish colour efect and they distort the image.

This is not the case with the acrylic panel for swimming pools, which offers up to 92% light transmission, excellent luminosity and a distortion-free vision, certainly much better than glass.

[Pool with two acrylic faces attached to the walls of the house. Tarragona. Project of 2022.]

At Luxos Spas we are expert manufacturers in the construction of custom pools. We customize the designs to suit each space and the preferences of each client.

In the construction of our pools we use stainless steel, glass or acrylic methacrylate, according to the needs of each project to achieve the best effect for our infinity pools.

The manufacture and assembly of our luxury swimming pools are done in our facilities, thus minimizing on-site work, and therefore the inconvenience that is normally associated with this type of installation work. Dirt, noise, invasion of privacy, etc., are no longer a problem with Luxos Spas.

Luxos Spas offers a high quality and professional service.

[Semi-buried pool with acrylic methacrylate sides. Sabadell. Project of 2022.]

The acrylic pool of your dreams

We want you to make your dreams come true and immerse yourself every day in the comfort of your home. Can you imagine coming home after a hard day at work and relaxing in your pool? We can make it come true…

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Do not wait more! The installation of a swimming pool with acrylic panels will completely change the landscape of your attic, terrace or garden.

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