Your ideas, the environment and our vision to create the dream steel pool

At Luxos Spas we are experts in making your dreams come true. Just tell us your ideas and our designers will know how to combine them with the environment and the desired style. We will provide you with our professional vision to create the ideal environment and the dreamed luxury pool, guaranteeing you a perfect finish and a personalized and exclusive design.

The unique malleability, strength and lightness properties of stainless steel allow us to meet the most demanding design challenges when creating our custom pools. A group of qualified and certified professionals will work to achieve the luxury pool that perfectly suits your tastes and requirements. We will offer you the best solution capable of combining, in an exclusive way, with the environment where you are going to locate it, whether it is exterior or interior.

The beauty of the water tones when combined with the color of the metal brings great appeal and elegance to this type of pool. At Luxos Spas we are experts in the design and construction of luxury pools, achieving in all cases ¬– modern or classic pools, rectangular pools or small pools – integration and fusion with all kinds of styles. Wealwaysachievethe total satisfaction of ourclients.

We have extensive experience building custom luxury pools and spas, allowing you to select the design that best suits your space and style needs. Along with stainless steel pools, we also design accessories and accessories for swimming pools, such as fountains, ponds, pergolas, railings, stairs, sun loungers and benches made of this material, among others, to combine with your luxury pool. Our goal is for you to feel satisfied and enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxing in a charming and exclusive pool.

One of the advantages of having a stainless steel pool or spa is the durability and hygiene of this material. While traditional pools require more thorough maintenance due to the porosity of the materials with which they are manufactured, the non-stick properties of the steel panels will allow you to enjoy your luxury pool with complete peace of mind. The feeling of being able to enjoy a relaxing bath in an environment adapted to your tastes and needs is priceless.

The pools at Luxos Spas are prefabricated pools in our facilities and arrive finished at your home, so the installation of your pool will be limited to a few days and not weeks, as is usual, thus reducing the inconvenience for you and yours.

Types of pools

Unlike polyester pools, steel pools are not subject to any size limit. Today’s high-tech molding and handling systems allow you to create as many pool models as you can imagine. For its part, prefabricated polyester pools (made with a fiberglass reinforcement) have some limitations such as dimensions, the need to have wide access for their installation, as well as the risks of discoloration in areas exposed to the sun. , as a consequence of UV rays.

All this does not happen in stainless steel ones, since the size can be perfectly adapted to each space (no matter how small). In addition, it is not necessary to have a wide access for their installation, which makes them ideal for terraces and attics. For its part, the steel will always remain in perfect condition, so that durability over time is guaranteed.

If you want more information about our luxury pools or you want to ask us for a quote for the construction of a custom pool, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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