Do you want to make your dream of having a luxury pool in your home come true? Stay here and we will explain how to get it.

Stainless steel pools have many advantages compared to traditional materials. Some of these advantages are: safety, lightness, high durability, resistant to corrosion and chemical products, hygienic, high quality and its aesthetics.

Prefabricated stainless steel pools

At Luxos Spas we accumulate more than 30 years of knowledge in the treatment of this material. A knowledge that we apply to the construction of our stainless steel pools and spas for all types of spaces: attics and terraces, interiors and gardens. In this way, we achieve a perfect integration and fusion with all types of pools, according to different styles and a total satisfaction of our clients. Our metal pools are characterized by the safety and lightness that this material provides. In this sense, it is a very resistant alloy that is compatible with its use in swimming pools, due to its high durability and excellent resistance to corrosion. The beauty of the hues of the water, when combined with stainless steel, will bring great beauty and elegance to the pool in your garden, terrace or attic.

Stainless pools

Given their relative lightness, our prefabricated pools are the ideal option for places such as terraces or rooftops where weight is a determining factor. In addition, we have a wide range of pools where you can select the model that best suits your space and style needs. The ease of molding this material allows us to create any outdoor pool shape (circular, oval, rectangular, etc.). You can also choose between different sizes: 120 cm, 150 cm, etc. And varied diameters according to the available space. This will allow you to enjoy unique and exclusive designs perfectly adapted to your wishes. Even in the smallest spaces you can easily install a mini stainless steel pool.

In addition to being highly resistant, this material is very hygienic, which will provide you with much more than a clean sensation. Traditional pools require more thorough maintenance. This involves an intense use of chemical products, due to the porosity of the materials with which they are manufactured. However, the non-stick properties of this material will allow you to enjoy your metal pool with absolute peace of mind. Thanks to the advanced welding systems (TIG) that we use at Luxos Spas, we minimize the risk of cracks and water leaks.

The steel that we use in Luxos Spas consists of a type of material characterized by its elegance and malleability. It is precisely due to the latter that we managed to manipulate and mold it with advanced technology systems, achieving a unique finish. In no case does the material lose its properties, preserving with total perfection the characteristics that make it unique.

Not only do we make the steel retain its shine and elegant appearance, but we can also ensure its resistance, tightness, durability over time as the first day. Whether for a house or flat, hotel, gym, spa, etc. We undoubtedly cover all needs, with truly amazing results.

Stainless steel pool price

As for the price, our pools not only have a greater durability over time, but they are the ones that suppose the lowest cost. Let’s not forget that they are capable of withstanding all kinds of inclement weather, placing them in types of pools that are ideal for outdoor locations.
To the economic advantage we must add that our prefabricated pools are made 100% in our facilities, so that they arrive at your home finished. The advantage is clear since the installation will not cause great inconvenience in your day to day since it is reduced to days (and not weeks). This is a great time saving and great convenience for our customers.

Pool and garden design

Stainless steel is a material that has unique properties of malleability, strength and lightness. This allows us to meet the most demanding pool and garden design challenges. A group of qualified and certified professionals will work to achieve the result that best suits your tastes and requirements. Our main objective is to build a perfect pool, without neglecting aesthetics at any time, as well as the ideal combination and balance with the environment where it is located, whether it is exterior or interior.

We have a wide catalog of pools for customers who have been enjoying luxury in their home for years. If you want to change the configuration or obtain a highly comfortable and exclusive space, this is undoubtedly your best choice. We will carry out a study of the place where you would like to place it and an analysis of your habits so that it adapts like a glove to the space.

Unlike removable steel pools or gre pools, the ones we offer at Luxos Spas have greater guarantees and durability over time. Safety, resistance to corrosion and a high level of hygiene also differentiate them from any other type. So, today, we can say that our products do not have competition capable of offering the same quality. Our work is impeccable and the level of satisfaction of our clients far exceeds all their expectations.

The big difference between steel pools and traditional factory pools is that they have the same benefits, but with significant financial savings. Without having to go through infiltration problems that often affect construction pools.

The structure of the Luxos Spas pools is one of its strengths and contemplates resistance to adverse weather conditions, without implying any deterioration of the materials. For this reason it is perfect to place it in any geographical area. All this without having to worry about anything because our installers will explain to you how to keep it as the first day easily, so that you only have to worry about enjoying it.

It is an ideal option, both for family use, individual use, as a couple, with friends, etc. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about mounting or dismounting it. We ourselves will go to your home to leave it in place and working. In this way, we manage to reduce the installation time to the maximum to cause the least possible inconvenience. Forget about removable pools, since with ours you will not have any headaches at a more than affordable cost.

The next generation of swimming pools has arrived. And we are specialists in its assembly and tuning. A type of pool that will be kept in perfect condition all year round, without the need for disassembly or specific maintenance. Luxury is available to everyone and this is the best example.
In addition to the pool or spa for your garden, at Luxos Spas we also design fountains, ponds, pergolas, railings, stairs, sun loungers and benches, among other accessories. This will allow you to complement the entire space and decoration of your garden with a perfect balance between the different elements. Our goal is that you feel satisfied and enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxing in a unique and exclusive environment.

At Luxos Spas we value our clients and we always want to offer them the best. That is why we not only seek to offer the best service for your comfort, entertainment or fun. We also want you to have the total certainty that our pools are totally safe and that they will last you for many years like the first day, without worrying about anything. Because luxury, security and comfort in every way go hand in hand, without having to give up anything.
To this day we are proud to say that, thanks to our professionalism and years of experience, we can offer a high quality and durable product to our customers. Do youwant to proveit?

If you want more information about our pools and spas or want to ask us for a quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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