At Luxos Spas we are experts in building your dreams. For more than 30 years we have been accumulating the knowledge and experience necessary to work stainless steel in any modality, some as demanding and precise as the pharmaceutical industry. Today we put all that experience, inherited from generation to generation, at your complete disposal to build the stainless steel pools that best suit your needs and desires, with a commitment to quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

We have a professional team of designers who will know how to listen carefully to your ideas and transform them into the luxury pool of your dreams. Our team will be in charge of adapting it to the environment that you propose to us, be it exterior or interior, classic or modern, with the aim of achieving the ideal environment. We assure you that the finish will be perfect and its exclusive design. We are available to work on any idea that comes to mind.

These are some of our most popular options:

– Pools and Spas for penthouses and terraces
– Indoor pools and spas
– Pools and Spas for gardens
– Glass pools and spas
– Portable pools

Luxos Spas custom pools are manufactured in our facilities, where they undergo exhaustive safety and quality tests, and arrive finished at your home.

This is a great advantage since we will install your luxury pool in just a few days and not weeks, as is usual, thus reducing the inconvenience for you and yours.

Our professional trajectory as pool manufacturers is backed by the satisfaction of our customers, our main objective.

In addition to stainless steel pools, we are also experts in the design of accessories and accessories for swimming pools, such as fountains, ponds, pergolas, railings, stairs, sun loungers and stainless steel benches, among others, that combine perfectly with your luxury pool.

If you want more information about our luxury pools or you want to ask us for a quote for the construction of a custom pool, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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