Public stainless steel pools for hotels and gyms have become a differentiating element for establishments. They turn the spaces into cozy and relaxing environments, and provide the touch of luxury and elegance that clients are looking for.

piscina pública en inox
Stainless steel pool at Hotel La Goleta in Pollença, Mallorca
piscinas para hotel
Stainless steel pool at the Hotel Sindic in Mahón, Menorca

Outdoor public swimming pools for hotels and gyms

Adding a plus of exclusivity to the terrace of a hotel or to the facilities of a gym is possible with the placement of a stainless steel pool designed and built to fit the space and environment.

Stainless steel pools can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The lightness of stainless steel makes it an excellent material for swimming pools on terraces and building roof tops.

Technological advances and the improvement of materials when building a swimming pool have been essential to allow the creation of designs that turn any space into an exclusive environment.

[Stainless steel pool at the Hotel Monte Triana in Seville]

piscina inox para espacios públicos
Stainless steel pool at Hotel La Goleta in Pollença, Mallorca

Stainless steel is the material “par excellence” for public swimming pools in the exterior spaces of buildings. Its aesthetic qualities, its high level of resistance, lightness and durability, make this material the most demanded to obtain a perfect finish anywhere. The light pools of Luxos Spas are, indisputably, the best option for public use outdoor areas of any kind of building.

For public swimming pools on terraces or rooftops, we carry out a prior technical study to verify that the building can hold the structure. Once verified, we proceed to place a pool according to the space and the chosen design. Knowing the structure of the building is vital for the project to be a success and assure that the durability is not affected. We have a professional team, with experience, capable of creating elements that are quick to install on terraces, roofs, interior patios or any other outdoor space of hotels, gyms or other public facilities.

[Stainless steel pool at the Hotel Monte Triana in Seville]

piscina inox para hotel
Stainless steel pool at Hotel La Goleta in Pollença, Mallorca

A typical mistake that is often made is that of not taking into consideration the weight of the content and container during the building, which can have serious consequences. This will not happen with Luxos Spas pools, as lightness is the main determining factor in stainless steel pools, providing greater investment security.

In adition to the resistance and lightness advantage of stainless steel, we also have to add that it is a very hygienic material which makes it perfect for swimming pools for public use. The formation of mold is much less, as well as the incrustations of elements. Cleaning is therefore much easier than that of conventional swimming pools.

[Stainless steel pool on the terrace of the Hotel Monte Triana in Seville. 2021 project]

piscina para hotel en inox
Stainless steel pool at Hotel La Goleta in Pollença, Mallorca

On a technical level, when designing and building a swimming pool, various factors have to be taken into account: the weight, the drainage system, access to the water tank or optimal waterproofing, among other aspects. It is for these reasons that Luxos Spas is the perfect choice as a pool company. Our experience, professionalism, passion for our work and the increasing number of satisfied clients are the best guarantees we can offer.

The manufacture and assembly of our luxury swimming pools for hotels, gyms and any space for public use are carried out in our facilities, thus reducing on-site work to a minimum, and therefore the inconvenience normally associated with this type of installation work, such as dirt, noise, invasion of privacy, etc., are no longer a problem with Luxos Spas.

piscinas para hotel
Stainless steel pool at the Hotel Sindic in Mahón, Menorca
sifón para piscinas inox
Stainless steel pool at the Hotel Sindic in Mahón, Menorca

Public indoor swimming pools for hotels and gyms

A stainless steel pool can be installed where other materials cannot, allowing in any case a greater amount of water. Safety against risks of cracks or leaks is guaranteed by the use of stainless steel (AISI 316L) and by the advanced welding systems (TIG) used in Luxos Spas, which makes our pools the perfect choice for indoor pools for hotels or gyms.

The development and advances in the materials make it possible to create indoor pools with increasingly sophisticated architectural designs. Thanks to this advance, it is possible to offer our clients of public establishments a space of relaxation and luxury wrapped in a spectacular aesthetic environment.

In addition to all the safety advantages of our indoor swimming pools for public use, the hygienic properties of stainless steel make it an exceptional element for the construction of swimming pools since they provide much more than a clean sensation.

The pool water looks crystal clear and the hygienic aspect is indisputable. Steel is also very resistant to mold formation and prevents the adherence of any element. This makes them not only much easier to clean than conventional ones but also much more hygienic.

A stainless steel pool is the best option to guarantee a hygienic space for customers in public use establishments.

The extensive experience of Luxos Spas makes us able to carry out a total customization of the pools for public use. Hundreds of satisfied customers endorse our work, as well as the excellent results of the stainless steel pools and spas.

It is more than proven that this material is the one that has greater durability, is able to better withstand the most adverse weather conditions, offers the best hygienic guarantees and also, the versatility of stainless steel as well as its aesthetic value, allows combinations with any type of design and environment. This allows to create a space of leisure and luxury for the clients of any public establishment.

If you are looking for a pool company to request a quote for a pool for a public space, whether indoor or outdoor, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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