Can you imagine a garden pool where you can relax comfortably in the privacy of your home? What if we tell you that there are materials with which we can assure you that it will be kept in perfect condition ALWAYS?

Forget the traditional above ground pools, concrete pools or other types of pools. Today we can say that no other material exceeds the benefits of stainless steel: lightness, safety, durability, resistance to corrosion, hygienic, aesthetic and economical.

piscina desbordante en inox
Overflowing pool in stainless steel with blind. Aran Valley
piscina inox desbordante
Overflowing pool in stainless steel with blind. Aran Valley
piscina inox desbordante para jardin
Overflowing pool in stainless steel with blind. Aran Valley

Design a modern and unique garden with our exclusive stainless steel pools. A material that is characterized by its safety and lightness, as well as its elegance. Whatever your tastes, we adapt the spaces so that everything is in perfect balance. We adapt to more minimalist designs to those with more elements, creating an integrating space where everything makes sense in your garden. Whether they are small or large pools, of one style or another, it is now possible to have the luxury you have always imagined in your home.

Piscinas de inoxidable para jardín
stainless steel pool for gardens

Pool and garden design

The beauty of the water tones when combined with stainless steel will bring great beauty and elegance to your garden. We are experts in the design and construction of outdoor swimming pools, achieving a perfect integration and fusion with all kinds of styles and total customer satisfaction. There are no limits when it comes to imagining and at Luxos Spas we make those dreams of swimming pools possible with infinite possibilities. We give the best of ourselves to offer a top quality product.

We have a wide range of products. This will allow us to develop a pool and garden design that adapts like a glove to the space and style needs you are looking for. The ease of molding stainless steel allows us to create any shape of outdoor pool and semi-buried pools. Therefore, you can enjoy bathing seasons in unique and exclusive surroundings, without leaving your home and perfectly adapted to your wishes.

One of the advantages of having a stainless steel pool or spa in the garden is the durability and hygiene of the material. While traditional pools require a more exhaustive maintenance due to the porosity of the materials with which they are manufactured, the non-stick properties of stainless steel make their maintenance much easier and will allow you to enjoy the pool in your garden with peace of mind.

Luxos Spas outdoor pools and spas are manufactured in our facilities and arrive finished in your garden. In this way, they are easy to install in just a few days and not weeks, as is usual, thus reducing the inconvenience for you and yours. If what you want is a semi-buried pool, we will also take care of installing it according to your preferences.

Building a stainless steel pool allows us to adapt to different cases. For example, it is possible to install it where other materials cannot, allowing in any case a greater amount of water. The risk that is run when installing a swimming pool is not only the possible loss of something as valuable as water, but also the possible damage that can cause leaks or leaks of thousands of liters of water. With Luxos Spas these risks are fully covered thanks precisely to the use of stainless steel (AISI 316L) and our advanced welding systems (TIG).


Before installing an element of these characteristics in your garden, we must take into account some factors. Whenever space allows it, the ideal is to place it in an area as sunny as possible. This allows you to keep the water at a warmer temperature. In addition, as far as possible we must flee from those areas most exposed to the wind, to reduce the rate of evaporation.

Access to the pool is another of the most important points. This must be as wide as possible to allow the transit of people comfortably, in addition to having enough space for various types of accessories: sun loungers, umbrellas, etc.

Another fundamental aspect that is sometimes not taken into account is to check the local regulation at the time of installation. Since it is possible that some type of municipal license has to be requested. As we have mentioned, the pools are manufactured in our facilities, with minimal work carried out in the garden. In any case, it is always good to find out about possible regulations at the local level that may affect the town where our property is located.

At Luxos Spas we also design fountains, ponds, pergolas, railings, stairs, sun loungers and stainless steel benches, among other accessories, to combine with your pool and thus complete the decoration of your garden. Our goal is for you to feel satisfied and enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxing in a unique and exclusive pool.

If you want more information about our garden pools or you want to ask us for a quote for the construction of a stainless steel pool or spa, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assistyou.

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