Do you want to turn your garden or terrace into a space worthy of the best and most luxurious hotels, resorts or skyscrapers? The infinity pool, or also known as an “infinity pool” or overflowing pool, is a type of pool that has the ability to merge the pool water with the bottom or horizon, giving it that infinite effect that gives it its name “infinity pool”.

The infinity pools offer not only the freshness and tranquility of the water that any type of pool offers, but also incorporates an unlimited visual effect. Infinity pools are considered luxury pools and extremely pleasant for those who like tranquility and design.

Infinity pool

This is a pool model that is in high demand today. Its particular style gives a spectacular aesthetic aspect to landscaping both in swimming pools for attics or terraces, or in the garden.

The blur effect between the pool and the landscape in the background makes any space a very pleasant, relaxing and stress-free environment. Can you imagine coming home after a long working day and diving into an infinity pool? Also, if you install a heat pump, an automated roll-up solar polycarbonate blind. or you have a terrace with a closed window, you can extend the bathing season.

Here we show you some of the creations of infinity pools made by Luxos Spas in the 3 materials that we use to make our pools: stainless steel, glass and acrylic methacrylate.

[Infinity pool glazed on all 4 sides with stainless steel corners. Madrid. Project of 2022.]

[Infinity pool of glass and stainless steel Overflowing on all 4 sides. Barcelona. Project of 2022.]

How do infinity pools work?

In infinity pools, the water continually overflows from one or more of the edges, achieving the optical effect in which the water line blends with the horizon. For this, it is essential that the pool water remains in the same conditions always.

To achieve this effect, one or more of the overflowing walls of the pool must coincide exactly with the water level, so these pools are always overflowing. The overflowing water falls into a reservoir just below the outlet edge from where it passes into the filter and is pumped back into the pool.

For infinity pools it is recommended to install high performance variable speed pumps. When we bathe we displace the water, leaving it slightly below the height of the overflowing face. Variable speed pumps work 100% when the water level needs to be recovered after bathing. These pumps manage to recover the water level in the minimum of time. As soon as the water level returns to low, the revolutions drop, keeping the level stable and saving energy at the same time.

We have all seen incredible photos of overflowing or infinity pools that amaze us, due to their ability to merge the pool water with the ocean or the sky. The feeling of endlessness and its fusion with the background landscape creates in us a feeling of peace and comfort.

An infinity pool has a characteristic that gives it this magic and visual effect that is nothing more than an optical illusion of continuity, that is, the water seems to merge with the horizon because it extends as if it were infinite. And for this effect to be created in this type of pool, one or more of its edges is slightly below the water level.

[To create the overflow effect without splashes, the overflow faces have some slope.]

[In infinity pools, the water is recovered in a channel that borders it. In this case it has been decorated with stones.]

[Infinity pool with granite collection channel to match the surroundings of the terrace.]

[Glass-covered infinity pool with stainless steel collection channel.]

Tips for the best placement and orientation of your infinity pool

Here are some tips to get the best visual effect from your infinity pool:

  • To enjoy all the great sunsets you need to project the infinity edge of the pool towards where the sun sets.
  • If you are going to place the infinity pool on uneven ground, orient the overflowing side at the lowest part of the unevenness, this will make the overflowing effect more beautiful and increase the feeling of spaciousness and “infinity”.
  • If the infinity pool is for a terrace or attic, orient the infinity side towards the outside, so that the “infinity” effect blends with the depth of the views.
  • And if it is placed on a piece of land or a terrace with views of the sea, the best effect can be achieved: the visual union of the infinity pool water with the sea water. The most spectacular of all!
  • Choose a decoration around the infinity pool in keeping with the environment to increase the sense of continuity. For example, if the infinity pool is next to a mountain, choose plants and decorations in the same color tone.

[An infinity pool overlooking the sea offers the most spectacular visual effect of all.]

Luxos Spas are experts in the construction of custom pools. We customize the designs to suit each space and the preferences of each client.

In the construction of our pools we use stainless steel, glass or acrylic methacrylate, according to the needs of each project to achieve the best effect for our infinity pools.

The manufacture and assembly of our luxury swimming pools are done in our facilities, thus minimizing on-site work, and therefore the inconvenience that is normally associated with this type of installation work. Dirt, noise, invasion of privacy, etc., are no longer a problem with Luxos Spas.

Luxos Spas offers a high quality and professional service.

The infinity pool of your dreams

We want you to make your dreams come true and immerse yourself every day in the comfort of your home. Can you imagine coming home after a hard day at work and relaxing in your infinity pool? We can make it come true…

If you are looking for a pool company to request a highly competitive pool quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Do not wait more! The installation of an infinity pool will completely change the landscape of your attic, terrace or garden.

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